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"In the restoration and promotion of the sacred liturgy (the) full and active
participation by all the people is the aim to be considered before all else."

Pope Paul VI - 4 Dec 1963.

The Liturgy Committee works in consultation with the Pastoral Staff in the preparation and celebration of the liturgical seasons and the sacraments. Members of the parish Liturgy Committee, acting on behalf of all parishioners, focus on the various aspects of good liturgy and its practical implementation. The committee also promotes the work and training of parishioners for liturgical ministers. The committee studies and keeps informed of the current policies and publications of the Liturgical Commission of the Archdiocese and continues to implement the work of Vatican Council II. 

From their individual study and group exchange of information at meetings, they are an effective community resource and assist staff in planning liturgical and spiritual events.

Contact the parish office for more information on joining the Liturgy Committee or participating in one of the ministries discussed below.


Hospitality Ministry - Greeters

Our greeters and ushers are the first people one meets upon entering St. Francis de Sales church. They are our “first impression” - they offer the smile and hand of welcome we want to give not only to newcomers but to each other as a parish. The greeters do just that - greet everyone as they enter church. The ushers help with seating, take up the collection, assist the flow of communion, and hand out the bulletin after Mass.
A training session is offered annually.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are men and women who distribute communion at Mass. They have a firm belief in and reverence for the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Their ministry facilitates reverent reception of communion, and a sense of community and hospitality among the assembly. Eucharistic ministers are active members of the parish community, as evidenced by their participation in some other area of parish life, such as Religious Education, Social Justice, etc. Training and spiritual enhancement programs are provided for EMHC on a regular basis.


Readers are volunteers, men and women, who have been trained to proclaim God's Word for the members of our parish community. They proclaim the first and second readings during the liturgy of the Word at Mass. Readers also assist at other liturgical services. Training and spiritual enhancement programs are provided on a regular basis.


Cantors are individual singers, both men and women, who lead the songs, psalms and acclamations at weekend liturgies and holy days. The cantor enhances the liturgy as a celebration of faith, by guiding the assembly in song. Cantor training and skill development is ongoing throughout the year.


The choirs offers variety and a special dimension to liturgical worship. Through ongoing training and practice, they lend their talents and efforts at weekend Masses from October through May.

Altar Servers

Altar servers are parish boys and girls entering the 6th grade or above, who assist the priest at daily and weekend Masses, weddings, funerals, as well as other special liturgies. New servers are trained each fall and spring.

Adult Altar Attendants

Adult Altar Attendants have the responsibility to attend to the service of the altar and to assist the deacon and/or presider in liturgical celebrations, especially in the celebration of Mass.

As those called & chosen in a special manner for service of the altar, adult acolytes learn all matters concerning liturgical rites and strive to grasp their meaning.  In that way they will be an example to all by their respect and reverence in church and have a sincere love for the Mystical Body of Christ, the People of God.

The primary work of this ministry is to serve the presider and the assembly by enhancing the readiness of our parish community to celebrate liturgy, most notably, Sunday Mass.  This minister serves behind the scenes on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings before each Mass to assure that all the rites needed for the day's liturgy are in place, that the appropriate ministers are present, know their roles and are ready to serve. The minister makes sure that everything required for the celebration of special rites or rituals during the Mass is in place before Mass begins.  This minister is available to the presider to attend to any special details or last minute preparations.

Ministry of Usher

The Usher  is a person chosen to reflect the warmth and welcome of Christ himself. Always conscious of Christ’s words "For I was…a stranger and you welcomed me," (Matthew 25:35). The Usher  serves not only as a Minister of Hospitality, but also as a Liturgical  Minister and a Minister of Evangelization.

Ushers as Ministers of Hospitality

Ushers  are usually the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive. The usher dress, attitude, words, demeanor, body language all speak a message to the worshipper. As God's servants to his people, usher should take care that nothing interferes with the awesome character of this encounter between God and his people at this time and place.

Ushers as Liturgical Ministers

Ushers are leaders.  As such they reflect the devotion, reverence and joy of encountering God in our worship service.  Ushers should not be physically or emotionally absent from worship. They must be mindful that they are there to assist those who are preparing to worship God by creating a quiet and reverent atmosphere within the church.

Ushers as Ministers of Evangelization

There are some who may be wary of coming to a church and it would take very little to make this visit their last. If they feel genuinely welcomed and helped by the usher, then the usher has assisted in bringing the Gospel to these people.

Men, Women, and Young Adults are welcome to attend training sessions to serve as ushers.

Liturgical Art and Environment Committee

The Liturgical Art and Environment committee is a group of committed and creative people, who attend to the worship space of our parish. They meet to plan and prepare the liturgical environment for the various seasons and feasts of the Church year. Their work with liturgical colors, fabric, flowers, and other artistic media flows from the themes established by the liturgy committee and parish staff.

Sacristy Assistants

The sacristy assistants are volunteers who are responsible for maintaining the sacristy and altar. They share the responsibility for cleaning/pressing altar linens, polishing liturgical vessels, as well as preparing the worship area for Mass.

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