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…to the online home of St. Francis de Sales parish.

We're a faith family of 500 households, united in the common quest to Live Jesus each day. In fact, that's our motto: Live Jesus! This sentiment comes from our patron saint himself: St. Francis de Sales. This good pastor believed that each and every
person, no matter their state in life, was called to live a holy life, to become the best version of himself/herself.

God loved us into being, and we yearn for happiness and fulfillment. Life is filled with peaks and valleys, and loyally our parish family supports us day by day. Throughout the stages of life the Church gives us the stability and encouragement we need to keep moving forward. The teachings and example of Jesus provides us with the pattern from which we live our lives. Our parish seeks to provide its members with what is needed to live an authentic Christian life. Our worship is sincere, and our formation is inspiring and practical. We also devote ourselves to serving those in need: the hungry, the sick, the poor, the imprisoned.

This website introduces you to our family. You'll find many opportunities here to connect yourself to Christ and to others who, like you, seek to do the right thing and to live life bolstered by friends and neighbors who walk with us along the way. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for visiting, and may God keep you in His special care.


Father Bill