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Part of our mission here at St. Francis de Sales is to build a strong foundation for our future. Which is why in December 2012 we launched our capital campaign, Built on Rock. This five-year effort is designed to reduce the $1 million debt that remained from construction of our new church.

Our new church is a symbol of God’s presence here in Lansing. Week after week, God’s people gather here to praise the Lord and support one another throughout life’s journeys. Future generations will be blessed because of the sacrifices we make in building the church.

As we move through the coming months and years of our Built on Rock campaign, we are asking each St. Francis de Sales family to prayerfully consider what they can contribute. Any amount, regardless of size, will help us reduce our debt and ensure a healthy financial future.

The details of our plan are summarized in the Built on Rock brochure attached to this letter. Spend time reviewing the document and praying on your potential campaign commitment. We will rely on the dedication, sacrifice, and financial assistance of our entire church family to make this vision a reality.

Also included is a timeline that better explains what decisions were made here at St. Francis de Sales and by the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, along with frequently asked questions about our new parish home and the debt we incurred.

Additionally, once our debt is paid, we can begin planning four projects to complete our new church. These include finishing the basement for religious education and other classes; in-stalling a permanent floor; purchasing additional pews to replace the orange chairs; and constructing a narthex to connect the church and the Robert Lee Martz Parish Hall.

I invite you to pray with me each day as we continue our effort to service the $1 million debt and plan for these future improvements to our church.

Thank you again for joining St. Francis de Sales and for your commitment to our parish through the sharing of time, talent, and treasure Together, we will strengthen our church and provide a solid foundation for generations to come.